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Frequently Asked Question

We hope this answers your burning questions:
What is the cost.
101 program is $180 for 10 weeks training. Once you pass the 101 program you become part of the team and then they will be a monthly due of $30.
e-transfer to :


The Freshy Training program is designed with safety first. You can't jump in a Roller Derby bout not knowing how to skate or know the rules of the game. Freshy Training is a step by step program that will teach your kids proper skating techniques. This might be your first time on quad skate or you might be an amazing figure skater. It doesn't matter what level you are. Safety is first, all skaters by the end of the 10 weeks program or after testing will be ready for the next level of play. 


But hold on we just don't let the kids out of the starting gate hitting each other. We graduate them slowly to light bumping. We spend a lot of time role-playing the game (in our socks at times), we get them comfortable in pack scenarios and we repeat the basic drill of the freshy course. Only at the level 3 were roller derby is played at 100% full hits. Kids can get hurt playing roller derby but kids can also get hurt pretty much doing anything. You play only at your comfort level and we will encourage your kids to work hard but mostly HAVE FUN!

Do I need insurance
YES. Every skater needs insurance. 
please visit


Other Questions

How old do I have to be
Jr age range is 9 to 17. Once the skater is 18 they join the adult league.


Derby 101 Training is a 10 week program that cost $180.00. Starting Saturday January 13, 2024 from 5:00 to 6:30 at Bishop Marrocco High School. Before committing come to at DROP-IN Saturday January 6th, 2024

between 6:00 to 8:00pm ($5.00.)

Try on some gear, talk to some derby vets and to a few kids that already went through 101 training. 

Question 2: Insurance

First step visit:

Next: follow the instructions. Cost for one year membership is $50.00

Extra Info:

League name: Hogtown Roller Dery

QUESTION 3: Practice & Games

QUESTION 4: Skates

Can I use inline skates? No, in roller derby we only use quad skates.  During 101 training we will talk about different rent wheels, care for your quad skates and more.

QUESTION 5: Were do I buy skates

There are a few online stores where you can buy a roller derby packages:


You need to purchases knee pads, elbow pads, helmet, wrist guards, quad skates, mouth guard and a large backpack/bag to carry the gear. A big water bottle is good to have too. If you have asthma or other conditions always bring your medication to practise and games.

We have a few arena we practice at

  • Winter Practice at Bishop Marrocco School
    1515 Bloor St. W. 4th Floor 

  • Summer Practice and Games
    - Larry Grossman Forest Hill Arena 
    340 Chaplin Cres Toronto Ont.
    - Ted Reeves Arena The Bubble
    175 Main St, Toronto, ON

QUESTION 7: Helmets

Helmet is a very important piece of gear, 

S-One and Triple 8 are excillent helmets.  Hockey helmet can be used in derby with no facemask. You can also have a half visor but no cage. 

QUESTION 8: Can boys play

Yes, boys are welcome to take part in 101 training and practices. But some tournament may only be for girls. Roller Derby is unlike any other sport, it is an all-inclusive environment. We welcome all players at different skills levels.

QUESTION 9: What happens after

101 Training

After your 10 week training, you will be tested on your skills. Once you have passed, you are welcome with open arms to Hogtown Junior Jaw Breaker Roller Derby team. Practices continue but we focus on teaching you how to play and review all the basic skills too. 

QUESTION 10: What is a Derby Name

One of the unique experiences of Roller Derby is being called by your new name. Sometime it come easy and for others it's a hard choice.  Once you have a new roller derby name you can register it at You can find great inspiration there too. Have fun with it and don't worry you can change it as you grow with the sport.

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